Think The Airpods Are Too Expensive? Here’s 5 Reasons To Buy It This Year

Many people are always wondering if it is worth it to buy the latest apple product out. They come out with new products every year. There are also many deals on Black Friday. There are many reasons to buy a product such as the AirPods today, but there are a lot of good reasons to wait.

Apple tests AirPods production in Vietnam as it cuts China reliance -  Nikkei Asia

This is a great time to buy AirPods with deals at many retailers for Black Friday including $40 dollars off on Amazon and $49 off with Wireless Charging. These are likely the best deals you will see until February or March 2021.

Are the AirPods worth buying? Yes, the new AirPods last longer, let you use Siri without touching an AirPod and connect faster thanks to the new H1 chip. Here are the reasons to buy the AirPods.

  1. Buy for Hey Siri Hands-Free
  2. Buy for Better AirPods Battery Life
  3. Buy for Faster Switching and Better Connectivity
  4. Buy for Wireless Charging
  5. Buy if You Game With AirPods
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