Post Pandemic China Set To Release A Digital Yuan. This Is The Group That Can Help You Get Involved.

Learn Crypto With The Group That Wants “You To Make Money”

Banks Are Literally In It For The Money… Your Money

According to one of digital currency’s most up to date new source Coin Telegraph*. China has set up its digital wallet and has started the process of choosing its group and banks to release the digital version of the Yuan which likely will be called DCEP (digital currency electronic payment).

Furthermore, it came to light on Aug. 5 that a select group of state-run commercial banks within China had been conducting industrial-scale internal tests of a digital currency wallet designed especially for the aforementioned digital currency. The banks are reportedly trying out the wallet as a means of facilitating large-scale monetary transfers alongside everyday payments using China’s central bank digital currency.

Yuan Pay is one of the groups leading the charge for the digital revolution ready to get you started on your journey in the digital currency world. If you’re interested in getting ground floor in DCEP or just curious about digital currency, this group may be for you. All you need to do is click the link below and fill out the form and let one of the representatives educate you and help get you started.

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