Check Out These 3 Must Have Gadgets

1. Wireless phone charging

Charging cables are annoying. They’re restrictive, prone to breaking and all-around bad news. Wireless charging technology is just starting to gain ground, and you can use it on a lot of your gadgets.

Who likes charging cables? They are annoying, get tangled up all the time, and break even to the most perfect of people. Wireless charging technology is just scratching the service of it’s potential but you can still buy it now.

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The Juice Pack Wireless by Mophie is a case for your iphone that allows for wireless charging. It makes it compatible with the standard wireless charging bases. You can easily pick up your phone, place it back without messing up any cord.

2. Amazon Echo

As smart-home technology becomes more ubiquitous, controlling it all can become a little unwieldy. 

The Amazon Echo is not only a smart assistant capable of telling you the weather and playing music from your Prime playlists, it can also connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices and services.

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You control it with your voice, so as long as it’s relatively nearby, you can tell it to play certain movies through Amazon Fire or even non-Amazon services.

3. Nespresso Prodigio

Never worry about lining up your coffee brewer with your wakeup time ever again when you can turn it on from bed via your smartphone.

The Nespreso Prodigio is a smart coffee brewer that you can control with an app via Bluetooth.

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You can select your style of coffee and the specific time it brews at any point, and it will even notify you when you need to refill its water tank. For fancier coffee drinks, you can add a milk-frother attachment for lattes, macchiatos and more.

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